The Impact VR porn Has On Intimacy

The rise in the number of people who are watching adult content is alarming. Never before have so many individuals been looking at porn as they are today. Now, with virtual reality headsets becoming more affordable, those stats are spiking even higher. That’s because millions of internet users have been checking out VR porn videos. Since virtual reality sex movies tend to be immersive and much more enjoyable, the numbers are likely to rise. Experts feel that addiction to porn will be harder to kick due to how engrossing VR porno is.

Numerous studies on the negative impacts watching regular porn can have on people have already been done. Those who become addicted to viewing pornography have certain things to be aware of. How they interact, show affection and have sex with their partners change. In most cases for the worst or in a negative way. The studies performed throughout the world covered several areas. Some focused on social intimacy, intellectual intimacy, sexual intimacy, recreational and emotional intimacy. The research also utilized both men and women. The males and females used in some of these pornography studies were aged from 18 to 78 years.

Researchers took into consideration how the person who watched porn reacted. But, just as importantly, how their partners were impacted. Whether they also watched porn or not was looked into. In one particular study, the focus was on females who had partners that never viewed adult content. Those individuals who didn’t watch porn, reported significantly higher levels of intimacy. That included recreational, emotional and sexual intimacy. In addition to these findings, some of the studies found that women whose partners didn’t watch porn, had better sex and communication.

When most people think of problems related to viewing too much adult content, they have one particular concern. For them it may be that their partners will likely want them to act like the porn stars they are seeing on the adult films. They fear that the significant other will want to try and do what they are watching in the porno. The issues come when the sex acts being looked at are too extreme, painful or wild. Some of the sexual encounters shown on hardcore porn movies are explicit. Not only that, they show things which some people may never engage in sexually.

Case in point are anal intercourse, threesomes, fisting, and other wild sexual acts. While they all may be entertaining to watch for the viewer, it can a harrowing experience for a regular person who never watches porn. The same for one who has never done anything such as what the porn videos are depicting sexually. A lot of the partners may not want to do it because of the pain or embarrassment. Others simply do not want to try something so crazy. The problem is for the person who becomes addicted to porn. In their minds, they forget that they are watching professionals perform. They also need to realize that not everyone enjoys doing some of the things done in the porno films. Even when they are amateur or homemade porno videos.

These were issues being experienced already by people who watched traditional porn. The same for those whose partners did so. The bigger concern comes when those individuals begin to see VR porn videos. Unlike regular porn, virtual reality sex movies are much more realistic. The person who puts on a set of VR headsets, will think he or she is actually there. The experience they obtain from the VR porn videos, is unlike anything seen before. Sex acts being depicted in the VR porn videos, appear more real. In turn, this may give the viewer a sense of intimacy not found in normal porn. Moreover, this intimacy they find in VR porn, replaces the one in their actual relationship.

The difference between viewing normal porn and VR porn is much like comparing night and day. The significance dissimilarities come from several fronts. For one, virtual reality porn videos are recorded using different cameras. The cameras are able to record videos in 360 degree angles. That makes the sexual scenes you are watching extremely immersive. A person can turn completely around and see the entire room or area they are in. This results in letting the viewer feel as he or she is actually inside the VR porn video. Another factor to consider is the point of view used. In most VR porn, the POV is 180-degrees. This results in allowing the user to look at the sex act as if it’s being done to them. Whatever they are watching, it will feel like the character in the movie is performing for them.

As it was before, traditional porno posed problems for couples all over the world. Since virtual reality porno is considerably more immersive, realistic and enjoyable, those concerns are higher. Once you take into consideration that VR porn can in some ways provide several forms of intimacy, the worries grow as well. Some people may be wondering if VR porn, will end up replacing them as partner. Or at least when it comes to letting their mates have virtual reality sex.