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Are you being secretly watched?

9th July

Do you ever pay notice to the little pinpoint at the top of your computer screen? It’s pretty inconspicuous isn’t it? If you Skype or video-chat a lot with friends and family or for work, no doubt you feel familiar and comfortable with using your device’s webcam. And if you don’t use it regularly you’ve

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Cleaning up the net

3rd July

This week, a Sunday Times campaign to halt access to indecent imagery flowing into our homes and public spaces took a giant leap forward. According to an article on the front page of this weekend’s newspaper, UK customers of Virgin Media and TalkTalk will start to receive a ‘clean feed’ from the end of the

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Staying cyber smart across the globe

21st June

Living in a truly global age, it’s encouraging to see initiatives up and running across the planet aiming to promote cyber safety. From small children through to teenagers, young adults, families and the elderly, our lives are increasingly digital and as such we need to know how to best protect ourselves online. In New Zealand,

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Filtering online video services…

31st May

Internet video services have never been more popular. According to YouTube, over 1 billion unique users visit the website every month, with 500 years of YouTube video also watched on Facebook every day and 700 videos shared on Twitter each minute. But it’s not all cat videos, dance crazes and silly fun – online video

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Protecting school children from pornography – who’s in charge?

20th May

It can be a difficult subject to broach but the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has put pornography back in the limelight with a rather controversial suggestion. The organisation has called for children to begin learning about the dangers of pornography as soon as they start accessing the internet – full details can be

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Best practice – signing contracts at the age of five?

17th May

We’re always intrigued by debates on the different tactics used to promote safe internet usage. One such recent example, reported in The Argus, is that of a school in Brighton, Sussex, which is asking children as young as five to sign contracts promising to behave online when using the school’s computers. Known as the “Acceptable

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Campaigning for senior citizen cyber safety

10th May

Let’s be honest, we tend to assume the elderly and technology don’t make for a good mix. But we’d be wrong. Facebook an elderly-free zone? Definitely not – over-65s are the fastest growing age group there. Online dating a younger person’s game? Think again – over 50s are joining faster than any other age

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Discount sites – save money and your password

1st May

Everybody loves a bargain, and in recent times of austerity there’s huge demand from shoppers for discount websites, able to offer today’s cash-strapped individual anything from luxury goods to holidays, all at a knock-down price. Now who is going to say no to that? However, news broke over the weekend that one site, LivingSocial, funded

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CyberSmart Awards 2013 ceremony – the winners are…

16th April

Thank you to all those who entered, nominated and and supported the CyberSmart Awards 2013. It was fantastic to see so many faces at the ceremony in Birmingham on the 12th April and to meet the individuals behind all the hard work put forward for this year’s awards. We were overwhelmed with the calibre of the nominations

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It’s CyberSmart Awards 2013 day!

12th April

  It’s finally here, the day we’ve all been waiting for – the CyberSmart Awards 2013 ceremony! We’re all getting dressed up and looking forward to meeting all the wonderful people behind the nominations put forward for this year’s awards. Kicking off today at 12.30pm at the Birmingham Science Museum we’ll be declaring two well-deserved runners-up and

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